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Hello and Welcome To Phillip Hawkins Reiki and Personal Development.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. It’s my hope that during your time with us you will find articles and pieces of work that are interesting, informative and educational. I also hope that they challenge you to reconsider what you hold to be true at this point in time on your personal journey of self discovery. In presenting this work for your consideration it’s not my intention to be deliberately confrontational but we must accept that knowledge and understanding never comes to us complete and this personal transition can be evolutionary or revolutionary. Part of any learning process asks us to reconsider what we hold to be true in order to accept new knowledge and achieve a better understanding of what we see before us. Knowledge and understanding is the key that frees us from the constraints of both ignorance and fear.

As a qualified and experienced Reiki Teacher some of the work you find here will relate to the development and practice of Reiki as a means of personal spiritual development. This is just one of many avenues of learning to be explored on this site as my aim is to search out and consider knowledge and understanding in all of its many forms regardless of its source or the labels that have been attached to it. All healing comes from a place of knowledge and understanding for they are the true physicians of mind body and spirit and without them healing of any description would be impossible. Like charity healing must begin at home and the healing of self our first priority, in healing the self we are able to gain the necessary experience, insight knowledge and understanding to help others heal themselves.

Healing and education go hand in hand; if healing is our destination then education and through it acquired knowledge and understanding is the route that will eventually lead us there.

You can follow my latest articles, news and publications on my Blog, or by visiting me on Facebook.  I also have a multitude of Collections of work that can be found in the Archives, if you would like to ask me a question visit Ask Phillip and I’ll get back to you as soon as i can, or if you want to keep your question private contact me directly.

Please enjoy my site and my works, please ask me any questions that you have or leave comments so that we may all learn on this journey of life we walk together.

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